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I used to love celebrating the holidays and birthdays.

My daughter, Joanne, was great at preparing successful events.  She was talented in that and she loved to celebrate everything and taught this love of celebration to my 6-year-old grandson, Ethan.

Grief, unless you have been through it, it’s hard to know how the person who experienced loss, trauma, and grief really feels.

If you’re a friend or family member of someone who has experienced a broken heart, the best option is to be present and be silent.  Most often, that is enough to comfort us.

Having lost my husband, Doug, and daughter, Joanne in September 2021, 4 days apart, my world was turned upside down.  The biggest supporters in my personal and business life were suddenly gone.  It was like my limbs were pulled apart one limb at a time.  But for God, I would not have had the wherewithal to stay on my feet and push forward.  That and the community and church family that God gifted me with.

It isn’t only my emotions I had to deal with, my appearance was very alarming.

I looked like I aged about 10 years, with wrinkles and extreme dryness.  Of course, I knew it was because my health had deteriorated.  Improper hydration and lack of sufficient nourishment.  Add stress and lack of proper sleep, I was a total mess internally and externally!

I immediately went back to what I knew best.  Aromatherapy and face reflexology have been staples in our lives.  My family rarely went to doctors.  Joanne and I, Doug and Ethan too, learned how to create aromatherapy blends to respond to day-to-day issues.

We successfully managed minor health concerns and prevented them from escalating.  It gave us comfort that we could restore ourselves and also help others do the same just by teaching them how to.

Aromatherapy is a holistic method using essential oils and carrier oils to create blends that respond to stomach aches, acne, pain, fatigue, sleeping issues, and many more.  Of course, the quality of the products is critical to usage and results.

Face Reflexology is the use of tools or the knuckles to stimulate reflex points on the face that wake up the nervous system and activate blood flow, lymphatic system, and collagen production.  Similar to foot and hand reflexology with one glaring difference and it’s the glowy skin that results from it after the face has been stimulated.

The “proof is in the pudding” as they say.  See my before and after pictures.


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