Skin Analysis + Discovery Call

With one form and one 15-minute phone or Zoom call, we can set you up with a skin care plan that will deliver the results you crave within 21 days or less.

What happens after you sign up for your Skin Analysis?

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Step 1

Your Skin Analysis will be sent to your inbox. It will include instructions to fill it out completely and will instruct you to take specific pictures of your face so Grace can examine your skin texture, color, and overall appearance based on traditional face mapping.

Grace typing and meeting on a laptop

Step 2

After completing and sending in your Skin Analysis, you will be sent a link to schedule a Discovery Call with Grace. Your Skin Analysis results will be reviewed with you during the call, and Grace will make recommendations for the best skin care steps for your unique needs. 

hands holding a bottle of essential oil

Step 3

Follow Grace’s recommended skin care plan utilizing aromatherapy and face reflexology to address the “root cause” of your skin symptoms. Within 21 days or less, you will begin to see changes in your overall health and skin appearance.

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Unlock the secrets to radiant skin with a complimentary skin analysis delivered directly to your inbox.

You’ll discover the personalized skincare plan you need to achieve smoother skin, promote collagen, minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and restore deep hydration.

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Receive REAL insight and results from a Certified Face Reflexologist & Clinical Aromatherapist

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Achieve smoother skin
Promote more collagen
minimize fine lines & wrinkles
Restore deep hydration

You are just 21 days away from glowing skin, minimized flareups, and improved emotional health.


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