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“My skin feels great and I swear she took 5+ years off in 1 session!”

Julie Stewart, DC

Grace Richardson is a knowledgeable and talented Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Face Reflexologist. She has worked with my family and I for years now and her ability to educate and create blends specific to one’s individual needs is amazing. As she likes to remind people, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all!

She has helped support my 14-year-old daughter through her C-vid long haul issues by creating a protocol that helped address multiple health issues that came to the surface after contracting C-vid in 2020. The blends helped ease my daughter’s anxiety, breathing and pain.

Grace has also created a blend to help stimulate sensory function for my 11-year-old son who has a genetic disorder and has taught him to self-care -which he loves to do.

As for me, Grace created a skincare blend that makes my skin feel hydrated, vibrant, and smooth. And the added bonus is the aroma from the blends she creates are also soothing and smell fantastic.

I would recommend Grace Richardson to anyone who is looking for a successful and natural botanical blended support in their wellness protocol. What she offers in her Done-With-You aromatherapy blends using pure and therapeutic grade essential oils along with face stimulation to wake up the nervous system not only helps you feel good, look fabulous and most of all supports your graceful aging journey.

Ghesi S.

ReEnergized Living | Pinkies Up For Wellness

“Grace thank you for this amazing experience! my face looks amazing!!! the facial was not only good for my face it was also good for my spirit. I can’t wait to go back and get another one!!!!”

Erika Garcia-Grace

I’ve been trying for years to figure out why my eyes are puffy. I heard Grace speak on a Wealth Minded Mastermind and when she was introduced as a Face Reflexologist, I was all ears. I reached out to her and she asked me to photograph my face so she could “read” it. When I saw the condition of my skin, I realized my whole face needed help. And, after my first appointment, I realized why. Your face reflects your overall body health similar to iridology which I had done

years ago. My hormones needed balancing and I had adrenal fatigue!!!

My healing journey began.

My body and skin responded to the treatments, daily regime, and formulas that Grace designed for my specific needs. The results were amazing. I feel like I had a facelift without surgery!!!

I loved the WOW factor from the improvements in my face. I’m 71.

After the treatments, no one believed I was that old!!! And, the face treatments were an hour of bliss!!! So it was a complete spa treatment, self indulgent and felt like a whole body massage.

What surprised me the most was the overall well being of my skin now. I thought I was doing a good job… NOT!!! My daily regime has changed forever.

Graceful Healing services are amazing. Grace’s knowledge and her insight into what your body needs is spot on. She is a gifted healer and her passion and commitment is what I love most about her. I’m a Reiki Master and Certified Holistic Nutritionist and use essential oils everyday. What I want in medicine and healing is Functional and Integrative Medicine. She is 100% in line with my own philosophy. So Graceful Healing is a perfect match for me.

Donnis H.

DnL Trends

The results were amazing. I feel like I had a facelift without surgery!!!

“The special Essential Oils she applied to my back each had a purpose. Who knew that was part of a “facial”? I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised by the facial reflexology part of this treatment and the therapeutic tools she used to stimulate my collagen production. Truly amazing!”

Ro Kendall

“She has that caring and gentle touch to take care of you. She started with rubbing oils on my back. It soothes me not only by her touch but the scent of the oils, calmed me down. Before she even worked on my face, I’m already relaxed and soon after I was in deep sleep. I am a mom of 2. I’m so thankful to know her and she’s such a blessing.”

Nathalia Smith

Grace is a wealth of knowledge about holistic, natural and healthy methods of looking younger. I was amazed at how much I learned from her in such a short time! I had NO idea of the techniques I could use (on my own) that would affect my overall health. What she teaches should be common knowledge, but it ISN’T! I love the serum she recommended personally for me – every time I use it, I know that I’m doing something healthy for my skin and body.

Leisa R.

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“Grace is a very rare gem of a person. She is talented and educated in rejuvenation for faces, bodies and souls! Her aroma therapy treatments of essential oil layering on my back was a sweet surprise. Layer after layer of essential oils was relaxing and good for me. I truly think that her work with oils and facial tools is exceptional and I would suggest anyone get a treatment for well-being, health and true healing.”

Shannon Eggleston, HHP, Naturopath

“I’ve been seeing Grace for going on 4 years now. If you want to experience nirvana, ask for the aroma therapy treatment! It’s an amazing treatment with several oils of your choosing (depending on what your goals in treatment are). It is truly the ultimate experience that leaves you feeling amazing! It really eases any tension and stress in addition to physical ailments you may be experiencing. I also love the facial reflexology and special blends Grace prepares based on your skin type. She is truly gifted and your skin and senses will thank you! I highly recommend Grace!”

Renee Ascencio

CEO Natural Healing Center

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